The Latch Link.

Latch Link is a super simple product that connects any space to a big, wide world of possibilities. In concert with the Latch Intercom, the Latch Link blends your digital and physical spaces to create a cohesive full-building intercom system like no other.

It’s an intercom.

It has a super powerful camera, crystal clear audio, and a familiar interface, your smartphone. Just scan the QR code at any space, launch a virtual intercom in your favorite web browser, select who you’d like to connect with, call and speak with them, and then get a credential to enter instantly.

Looks simple, is simple.

We make really technologically advanced products. This is a cell-cast acrylic plaque with an adhesive sticker. Just request your Latch Link, attach your QR code sticker, and activate any space you’d like with Latch.

Works where
nothing else does.

Because it doesn’t require power, internet, or practically anything, for that matter, Latch Link can connect spaces that would have been too complicated or expensive for conventional intercom products in the past. Working in concert with Latch Intercom, you can have a full-building intercom system for the first time.

Works with an entire
product ecosystem.

From the new Latch T, to legacy Latch access products, to complementing the Latch Intercom, Latch Link enables every door and space to connect to the powerful LatchOS ecosystem, which includes complete access and intercom functionality in a single user experience. Share access with guests, know when a delivery arrives, and keep a secure audit trail for every space.

Works with
Latch Concierge Pro.

Building on the success of Latch Concierge Pro on Latch Intercom, we’re bringing Latch Concierge Pro to the Latch Link as well. Remotely manage your package room, amenity areas, and more with a 24/7 remote operator.

Resident experience

A simple digital intercom experience for residents and guests

Guests can request access though the directory…

and residents can provide credentials to guests from anywhere.



Intuitive QR code-based design is easy to navigate

Receive audio calls at any US phone number or in the Latch App

Works out-of-the-box with the same Latch App that’s used for access

Intuitive and customizable directory

Built-in intelligence for spam call detection and reporting

Electronics-free design simplifies install and day-to-day operation

Mechanical Specifications

4” x 6” x 0.25” (101.6mm x 152.4mm x 6.35mm)

Acrylic, double-sided VHB tape