One app for navigating your life in space.

LatchOS2 introduces the biggest update to the Latch App in years, with flexible access, Dioramic Controls, and Concierge.

There are 100 million reasons to love the Latch access experience.

Now with more than 100 million annual unlocks with the Latch App, you get an incredible access experience across each of your spaces, from your parking garage, to your gym, to your personal apartment.

Forget your keys,
it’s okay. 

You choose how to unlock every space in your life. You can use your phone or Apple watch to unlock even if you lose internet or cell reception. You can use your keycard or doorcode for those moments you don’t want to take anything with you. You can share these capabilities with others too, sending temporary access to the folks that need it in your life, on your terms.

It’s the same experience everywhere you go.

Whether it’s your apartment, your gym, or your parking garage, it’s the same experience everywhere you go.

Send time-limited access to anyone in your life and know they can get in just when they need to.

View a simple activity log at your space for each of your guests, deliveries, and services.

Dioramic Controls are the most naturally elegant way for you to experience, understand, and control your space.

Borrowing from technologies developed for computer animation, self-driving vehicles, and architecture, we’ve created a totally new interface paradigm. In one glance you can visualize your space, understand what’s happening, and maximize your comfort by taking control of it all from a natural, responsive, three dimensional model. 

All the magic of Dioramic Controls is built on USD files, an open 3 dimensional modeling format standard, first pioneered by Pixar.

Learn more about USD from Pixar

View the state of your space’s lighting, temperature, and alerts, and take control to make your space, yours.

Notifications from your space tell you what you need to know.

Get alerts from Latch Leak Detectors when you’re away, letting you know about possible issues as soon as they present themselves.

Concierge opens a world of new experiences.

Reserve a space or service at your building and expand how you think about your spaces to encompass the entire neighborhood. Your private office may be around the corner, your private pool may be down the block, and your personal chef may be just a few clicks away.

Reserve a space at your building, like a barbecue grill on a Summer afternoon or a phone booth for that last minute conference call.

Request and purchase a service from a local vendor, from cleaning to dogwalking.

Extra space when you need it.

Get access to the extra space you need, expanding your personal space to the whole neighborhood, like reserving a WeWork for those days you just want to get out there.

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