Thoughtful design is at the center of everything we do.


When we started Latch nearly a decade ago, our mission was to thoughtfully think about how life works in dense, urban environments, and design systems for those spaces with the right mix of technology, longevity, and care. 

For inspiration, we looked to something simultaneously far away and all around us, Space. I grew up in a family of people inspired by, or part of the space race, and the mythology around exploring the farthest reaches of the universe was deeply ingrained in my psyche. A lot has happened since we first left Earth’s gravity in the 1960s. While most of us probably won’t buckle into a spaceship to explore the outer reaches of the universe or live on the Moon, that’s okay because we actually have a lot to do right here, closer to home. Buckminster Fuller once said that we’re all astronauts here on Spaceship Earth and that perspective inspires us to improve everything that we can through our proucts here, in big ways and in small ways. 

While we’ve evolved from a few people building around our kitchen table, this ethos to explore what’s possible and design products that enhance every day life in Space is what drives us. 

Luke Schoenfelder
Co-Founder and CEO

Design and awards.

We are a design and experience leader.


We have invented many new things to make our system and experience possible.

Privacy and security.

We believe that privacy and security are a critical component of our user-centric approach to design.