Privacy and security are at the core of what we do.

Since the beginning, we've been committed to building products that turn home into a safe haven. That means designing hardware and software that keep your data both private and secure—and hold access to a higher standard.

They record an access log and in some cases, a photo, when someone attempts to unlock the door.

Provides keyless and easy-to-track credentials like the Latch App and Keycard, which removes the insecurity of physical keys, which can be copied and difficult to track.

Access can be revoked without the need to wait for an integrator or locksmith.

Doors can be assigned schedules, so access is only available to people at certain times on certain days.

Two-factor authentication can be enabled for Portfolio Managers and Property Managers using Latch Manager for added account security.

Respecting your personal space.

Your home is your most personal space—and at Latch, we believe it should stay that way. That's why your unit access history is kept private no matter what.

Our approach to privacy.

We never share residents’ unit-level access data with landlords or property managers. For the security of the building, managers can view access at common areas such as the front door.

We make it possible for residents to see if (and when) a landlord, service staff member, or property manager entered their home.

We never collect GPS tracking or biometric data (and we never will).

We never share or sell residents’ data with third-parties, including advertisers.

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Keeping your data, and your home, secure.

Your door is your home’s first line of defense. That’s why we’ve designed our software and hardware to fortify it, and are constantly focused on getting even better.

Our approach to security.

We’ve designed our devices to be offline-first. That means they don’t depend on a persistent Internet connection to lock or unlock, which reduces the risk of data exposure.

We consistently test our hardware and software to identify any potential risks.

We’re committed to developing and deploying software updates in the event that vulnerabilities are discovered, and have made sure that our products can easily implement these fixes.

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Your feedback is important.

We’re always looking to improve. To report security or privacy issues that affect Latch products or web servers, please contact