The Latch T.

T is for “Translator”, but it could have just as easily been “transformer.” Enabled by nearly a decade of patented access innovation, you can now transform each building in your portfolio with a single access standard. With Latch T, each of your spaces can be retrofitted within minutes, have a common cloud management platform, and get activated without requiring any other infrastructure.

No wires.

Based on the power of the Latch Lens, and the addition of a low-frequency radio transmitter and wireless power harvesting, the Latch T does not require access system wiring, does not require hardwired power, and does not require a direct internet connection. This means that you can take Latch T places smartphone based access has never gone before.

ridiculously rapidly.

The Latch T can upgrade most low-frequency readers without any changes to your existing building infrastructure. Just secure Latch T to your desired reader location, input your legacy credential to the secure element, and you’re done. Once installed, you have all the benefits of LatchOS at your retrofitted space, without any of the hassle. What used to take hours of consultation, construction, and configuration can now happen in minutes, bringing Latch smart access to each of your spaces in a faster way than ever before possible. Since Latch T works in concert with low-frequency readers, property managers don't have to worry about residents adopting the new system overnight, as their existing credential will still work, giving property teams peace of mind.

Works with an entire
product ecosystem.

From Intercom to the new Latch Link, Latch T enables every door and space to connect to the powerful LatchOS ecosystem, which includes complete access and intercom functionality in a single user experience. Share access with guests, know when a delivery arrives, and keep a secure audit trail for every space.

Works across spaces.

With the addition of Latch T, you can now centrally manage each of your spaces on a common platform, without the challenges of administering multiple back office systems or building-specific credentialing schemes within your legacy portfolio. Keep packages in check, manage your maintenance teams, and add new residents, all with a few clicks for any of your properties.

Works with C2 and M.

Smart access for your base building is great, but smart access for your whole building is even better. Latch Link integrates seamlessly into the same Mission Control and Latch App that your property managers and residents utilize on a daily basis. Living in a full Latch building means interacting with all of your spaces through thoughtfully designed software that makes your building just work for all of its stakeholders.

Works with LatchOS2.

With Latch T and LatchOS2, you can turn your existing spaces into optimized assets, with simple reservations and paid bookings available for your building managers and residents.

Resident experience

Convenient ways to open any door.

Latch allows users to unlock the way that’s best for them.

Share access with friends, family, guests, and services.



Smart access control system that can translate LatchOS credentials to low frequency readers

Works out of the box with Latch App and Latch Manager Web

5000 permanent users/ 75 daily doorcodes/ 75 15 minute daily doorcodes

Supports all LatchOS smart credentials including bluetooth, NFC, and 7 digit doorcodes

Powered by 4AA Lithium batteries

Mountable by VHB or mounting screws

Mechanical Specifications

73mm x 147mm x 24mm

1 year

Latch T Body, Satellite and Cable Assembly, Mounting Plate, Alcohol wipes, Wall Anchors, Flat Head Screw