OpenKit is a property technology platform that allows partners, developers and service providers the ability to bring Latch’s integrated offering of hardware, software and services to new verticals, including commercial and hospitality as well as new delivery experiences, specialized property services and more.

OpenKit drives engagement and experience.

With Latch, your users will engage with your application multiple times per day while utilizing cutting edge access technologies to open any Latch powered device. Bring modern experience to your users through integrated digital and physical experiences.

When we chose to integrate with Latch’s OpenKit, we knew that we were going to provide our members with the best possible mobile access experience across every space in our growing network.

Bill Smith

CEO of the Landing

A dynamically automated platform.

Automate your property’s users and devices with OpenKit’s intuitive and easy to implement User API’s that simplify workflows and ensure easy operations. LatchOS allows for fully remote property management, so you can scale your experience with speed.

A platform for any vertical.

Bring LatchOS2 to your commercial, co-working, flexible living, or hospitality spaces by integrating OpenKit SDKs and APIs to make access the last thing you have to worry about.

Deliver the future of living.

Design and deploy new service and delivery experiences for residents and properties with OpenKit. Solve for deliveries, provide unattended tours, and build brand new experiences that surprise and delight your users; OpenKit is the platform for next generation living.

Dead simple, seriously.

OpenKit is an incredibly developer and partner friendly platform. Designed with the developer in mind, our API can be added to your platform quickly so you can maintain your roadmap without concern.

Latch T for partners.

Latch T is an incredibly easy retrofit access product for partners. Partners can grow their businesses and expand their customer base with Latch T to turnover and add properties to their portfolio in minutes.